Food & beverage giants make water pledge

General Mills, PepsiCo among CPGs taking up the AgWater Challenge to reduce water risks in their global supply chains

water-wheelWith the world’s freshwater supply under stress from climate change, population growth and pollution, seven global food and beverage companies are taking up the challenge to reduce water risks within their supply chains.

The AgWater Challenge is a new, collaborative initiative launched by non-profits Ceres and WWF with a goal of advancing water stewardship and sustainable food sourcing solutions.

General Mills, Diageo, Hain Celestial, Kellogg, PepsiCo, Hormel and WhiteWave Foods, are major companies taking up the AgWater Challenge and that have submitted detailed plans for: reducing water impacts associated with key agricultural commodities; implementing locally-relevant strategies to mitigate risk in sourcing areas with water scarcity and water quality concerns; and supporting and incentivizing farmers to strengthen water stewardship.

One-third of the world’s food is grown in areas of high water stress and agriculture is a leading cause of the water pollution globally. According to Ceres, and food companies can play a big role in protecting freshwater resources.

“The purpose of the challenge is to encourage these companies to understand and address agricultural water risks and share the knowledge picked up along the way,” said WWF’s Lindsay Bass in a statement. “We all have a mutual interest in protecting the world’s most stressed water resources.”

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