Taking microwave popcorn to the next level

Gourmet treat to rival movie theatre popcorn experience


Those seeking cinema-quality popcorn from the comfort of home may have found their nirvana with Warm Your Corn, the new snack from Popcorn Indiana.

The kettle corn maker says its latest product features a unique packaging that allows its preservative-free, gourmet popcorn to warm in the microwave without compromising crispness.

“The magic is in the bag,” says Doron Stern, vice-president of marketing. “We pride ourselves as pioneers in the kettle corn space and strive to be one step ahead when it comes to crunchy, delicious popcorn snacks.” The bag is formulated to keep popcorn crisp once heated, which Stern says ensures customers can have warm, theatre-style popcorn anytime.

Popcorn flavours range from savoury and spicy to sweet and boast no artificial colours or seasonings. All Indiana Popcorn products are certified gluten-free and are hand-crafted with non-GMO corn.

The snacks retail for $3.99-$4.99.