Bulk Barn pilot ditches plastic bags

Liberty Village locations allows customers to bring in reusable containers

A Bulk Barn in Toronto is running a pilot program that lets customers to bring in reusable containers, rather than put their nuts, candy and other Bulk Barn goodies in plastic bags.

The store, located in Toronto’s trendy Liberty Village neighbourhood, is the first Bulk Barn to try such a program.

The tagline for the program is summarized in four easy steps: Clean, weigh, scoop and pay.


Customers can bring any reusable container to the store. Once there, a cashier needs to verify that the container is free from chips, cracks, stains, debris, dirt, rust or residual food. It must also be resealable, with a drawstring or clip closure. Finally, the container must be reusable and designed for food.

The cashier weighs the clean container, so the customer is not charged for its weight at the checkout.

Customers then go about the store as usual, scooping from bins of nuts, candy, and head to the checkout to pay for their goodies.


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