Why personalization is crucial to the shopping experience

64% of customers are comfortable with retailers identifying them in-store via mobile

Ensuring they stay on track with their shopping budget

Consumers expect positive interactions and conversations from retailers across all brand channels, according to BRP’s Keeping Loyal Customers Happy report.

Engaging the customer through personalized and relevant experiences is the key for retailers to attract and keep their customers happy, according to the report.

Retailers should identify customers when they enter the store and equip their associates with the proper mobile tools to personalize customers’ shopping experiences based on customer preferences, purchase history and online browsing history, according to the report. Keeping customers happy is critical, as it only takes one unsatisfactory shopping experience for 63% of consumers to stop shopping a retailer’s brands, according to the report.

Sixty-four percent of customers are comfortable with retailers identifying them via their mobile phones when they enter the store, as long as they offer a more personalized in-store experience, the report stated. With this personalized experience, 26% of customers expect credits or discounts towards future purchases as an incentive to allow retailers to identify them.

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