What about water?

With a water crisis looming, a new report dives in to see what consumers really think about conserving this precious resource

waterSafe water is something one in ten people around the globe lack access to; despite this, water scarcity is not on the radar of most Canadians and Americans, according to new report from Shelton Group.

The firm conducted an online survey of consumers in Canada and the U.S. last May to get a handle on their knowledge, perceptions and behaviours related to water conservation.
The poll found that although consumers in both countries had a relatively large water footprint —relative to the rest of the world—their awareness of just how much of this resource they use on a day-to-day basis was low.

“It’s not just that consumers underestimate how much water they use—it’s that they simply don’t make the connection between the way they personally use water and the potential for a water crisis,” says the report.

Still, consumers think conserving water is important with 32% saying reducing household water use was one of the top three activities they should undertake to reduce their environmental impact.

And they think corporations should do their part as well. The survey revealed that consumers think it’s important for companies, particularly water-centric firms such as beverage makers, to make water conservation a priority. Says the report: “If you’re an organization committed to reducing your water footprint talk about it loud and clear. Consumers value it, even if it’s only because they want someone else to take responsibility.”

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