While trust in green labels is growing, consumers still skeptical, says survey

Consumers around the world have more trust in “green” product labels these days than they did back in 2011, this according to Euromonitor International’s newly released 2015 Global Consumer Trends survey.

In all five product claims measured in the survey—locally sourced/manufactured, organic, natural, Fair Trade or UTZ certified, and free range—significantly more respondents now consider the claim trustworthy than they did when asked in 2011. ladycart

Euromonitor International attributes the rise in trust to stricter regulations around the use of product labelling.

It cautions, however, that consumers are “largely ambivalent towards ethical and environmental language and claims.” To counter this, Euromonitor International analyst Lisa Holmes says marketers may need to invest in educational campaigns to clarify “vague terminology” and they should also address the “personal benefits” of natural and organic products as consumers are more apt to pay more for products that are good for them.

Consumers’ growing trust in green labels was among the top six consumer insights identified in the research firm’s new survey.

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