PAC recognizes leaders in green packaging

Sustainable packaging as well as innovative packaging that helps mitigate food waste were among the categories recently recognized by PAC, Packaging Consortium, in its 2015 PAC Global Leadership Awards. The biennial awards celebrate packaging excellence in the areas of innovation, branding, graphic design and technical achievement, while the PAC Sustainable Packaging Competition also recognizes environmental leadership. It’s worth noting that PAC was the first to initiate a sustainable packaging competition, back in 2008. This year’s award winners in the sustainability category include Coca-Cola Canada’s Simply Bottle – EPET Extrusion, which received a Gold in the Branded Package category as well as Tetra Pak Inc.’s Bio-based Caps, which received Gold in the Raw Material, Product or Ancillary Services category.

The PAC Food Waste Competition is the newest category in the awards lineup and PAC president and CEO James D. Downham says it’s an important addition. “We started PAC Food Waste in 2013 as a result of a UN FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization] report that confirmed 33% of the food produced globally was being wasted. We knew that packaging has a role to play to reduce waste,” he says. “We want to educate about the value of packaging.”

Among the winners of PAC Food Waste Competition: EcoCup Capsules with FlavorMax filter technology from Mother Parker’s Tea & Coffee, which received Gold in the Branded Package category, and Time Fresh, by Tempo Plastics Limited, which received Gold in the Raw Material, Product or Ancillary Services category.

See the full list of the 2015 PAC Global Leadership Award winners here

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