Kruger report examines the drive toward responsible sourcing is becoming a business imperative for CPGs.

With the growing issues facing companies, responsible sourcing cannot be viewed solely through the lens of environmental protection; it is a true sustainability issue because it impacts all three pillars: environmental, social and economical. From economic variability and food/supply chain unpredictability to climate change volatility and water insufficiency, these issues are an indisputable driving force behind the rapid adoption of responsible sourcing worldwide. Companies are recognizing that responsible sourcing is not merely an altruistic endeavour to save the planet and gain loyalty through carefully marketed communications, but one that is becoming a growing concern and a necessity for any business to continue to exist in the future.

In its Uncovering the Drive Towards Responsible Sourcing by the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry consumer round table white paper, Kruger Products examines: how responsible sourcing has become a business imperative, where Canadian consumers stand on the issue, the challenges companies face in integrating responsible sourcing into their operations, success stories, and where we go from here.

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