25 grocery stores to visit before you die

The grocer's guide to travelling the world and checking out supermarkets

Going on a trip soon? If so you’ll surely visit a few local food stores.

Call it an addiction or just part of the job, everyone in grocery checks out stores when they travel. So, which are the must-see stores around the world?

Canadian Grocer surveyed a dozen global grocery magazine editors, food-retail experts and retail analysts from firms such as IGD and Kantar and came up with 25 stores for your bucket list.

Some of these stores you may already be familiar with; others likely you know nothing about. (Ever heard of Cru in Belgium ? Or Spinneys in Beirut?)

You may also find many names on other best grocery store lists missing. For instance, none of the 25 stores here is named Publix or Aldi or Trader Joe’s.

These are all fabulous chains, yes, but the purpose of our list isn’t to provide you with great-run grocery chains. Rather it’s to identify individual stores that are unique, either for their design, the services they offer or in their customer service and offerings.

Click on the gallery below to get started. (And if you’ve visited a store on your travels that you think deserves to be on our list, why not let us know about it. Email us at


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