Walmart Canada, Thrive Global partner to help employees cope with stress

From in-store associates to corporate executives, the big-box retailer is providing access to online tools that help build mental resilience

Photo: WalmartPhoto: Walmart

Walmart Canada is partnering with Thrive Global, the New York-based behaviour change technology company founded by Arianna Huffington, to help its employees deal with stress and anxiety triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the Thrive Global platform, Walmart Canada will provide its 100,000 employees–including corporate executives, management, frontline store managers and store associates–with a number of resources aimed at helping to reduce stress and build mental resilience.

“The pandemic has brought a magnifying glass to the mental health crisis,” said Nabeela Ixtabalan, executive vice-president, people and corporate affairs at Walmart Canada, in a press release. “It’s real and Walmart is taking it very seriously. Our goal is to evolve the narrative and experience of workplace wellbeing and contribute to a societal movement that changes the expectations and norms for everyone.”

Walmart employees will also have access to the Thrive ZP app, which will guide them towards making healthier decisions in regards to what they eat, the types of exercises they do, sleep patterns and dealing with financial decisions.

There is also a community component to the app that allows associates to share their success stories and cheer on their coworkers.

The Thrive ZP app is available in English and will be translated into French, according to the companies.