Metro leads the pack in digital is most visited site among Canadian food chains, according to Comscore

Mon Metro sur Android

A strategy to increase Metro’s digital presence has paid off in popularity of its sites and, apparently, at its cash registers.

“People who engage with our digital platforms make for better clients at Metro and you can see the results in their buying behaviour,” says Gino Plevano, senior director, digital strategy and platforms at Metro in Montreal.

Plevano made the remark after revealing Metro’s website is the most visited website among Canadian food chains, according to Comscore data and internal numbers.

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He cites its popularity can be attributed to the sheer amount of content the website houses. For example, the site now offers more than 4,500 recipes in French.

In addition, Metro’s Facebook page now has more than 304,000 likes in Quebec and more than 108,000 likes in Ontario, making Metro Canada’s most popular grocer on Facebook, he says.

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Consumers who use the Mon Metro/ My Metro app use it more than 10 times a month or more than twice a week. Launched last year as an iPhone app, the app is available on Android as well as of this month.

The Android app is being promoted via banner ads on sites that use Android apps, in circulars and through the use of bag stuffers.

Plevano notes 75% of traffic from mobile devices to comes from Apple phones. He adds traffic to the website from mobile devices has increased by 57% in Quebec and Ontario since last year, but would not divulge the app’s number of users.

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“We’re very happy with these results,” Plevano says of the app. “Among the most frequent feedback we receive is that people use it at the cash instead of having to look in their wallet for their card.”

Personalized coupons offered weekly to app users are also popular, he says. Aside from giving users access to mobile coupons and the Metro & Moi loyalty card in Quebec and Air Miles in Ontario, the app provides flyer offers and allows users to create shopping lists, weekly menus and access nutritionists’ recommendations.

“We’re very aware that consumers will use electronic platforms in-store for their purchases or at home to check recipes,” Plevano says. “We want to make sure that our digital ecosystem is available and that clients use our platforms for pre-shopping and while they shop.”


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