New Sobeys ad demonstrates ‘what food can do’

Television spot touts the many benefits of food, including social media likes


Sobeys and Safeway are focusing on how the food from its stores can enhance everyday life experiences with a new TV ad using the tagline “What Food Can Do.”

“It’s amazing what food can do,” says the narrator at the start of the commercial over a quick montage of happy food occasions from an infant girl being spoon fed in a high chair, to birthday cakes, to shopping and family celebrations. And in a nod to all those foodies who like to share their fancy looking meals with friends, the ad promises food can “get you likes; like a ton.”

“The inspiration for What Food Can Do came from our belief that food gives more than just nutrition—it’s an essential part of life,” said Jennifer McCrindle, Sobeys’ manager of external communications, in an email to Canadian Grocer. “It nourishes us, nurtures family. It makes us comfortable, social, happy and healthy. It awes, inspires, ignites curiosity. It unites us and reminds us what we all have in common.

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The ad debuted last month and is running on national networks and speciality TV through Oct. 21.