Quaker champions family values in new mini-doc

Video continues brand's focus on what really matters to parents


Quaker has launched a follow-up to its viral video “The Recital,” which racked up nearly 12 million views on YouTube.

The new documentary-style spot, “Stay True,” opens with the question, “Is it possible to be a good parent and still be good to yourself?” It tells the story of a single mom named Shaelah, who worries if she’s present enough for her daughter, while knowing it’s important to follow her own dreams.

The spot builds on Quaker’s national marketing effort, “Goodness Starts Today,” which launched in 2015 and focuses on families.

“The objective is to connect with our consumers on a much more emotional level,” said Mangala Dsa, senior director of marketing, Quaker, which is owned by PepsiCo Foods Canada. “We’re highlighting the importance of staying true to what really matters, staying true to your gut, and doing what’s right for your family.”

Quaker incorporated a few product shots in the video, but there’s no mention of the brand. “It was never meant to be a hard-hitting Quaker product spot where we’ve got the functional benefits headline,” said Dsa. “It was really about showcasing Quaker’s brand values and how they align to the values that Canadian parents have.”

The video is being showcased on Quaker’s online channels including Facebook and YouTube. The brand is also partnering with high-reach national influencers to share the video.

Additionally, Quaker is testing “mindset targeting” with video identification technology company Zefr. The targeting is based on recent videos people have viewed, so Quaker can reach those who have “the right emotional mindset,” said Dsa.
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