Sobeys pulls ‘Sweet Sixteen’ candy from shelves amid complaints

Customers took to social media to voice concern over the candy brand's tagline,

sweet-16-twitter-sobeysThe Sobeys grocery chain is pulling the “Sweet Sixteen” brand of candy from its shelves over a problematic slogan.

Display stands for the product, produced by a Quebec-based company, advertised its “barely legal” level of sweetness.

The backlash on social media was immediate, with users calling the slogan “gross” and “creepy.”

Responding to complaints on Twitter, Sobeys says it was made aware of the marketing on Monday night and took immediate action.

The product was removed from locations across Nova Scotia, with the grocery chain saying the marketing campaign is not in line with its values.

Mondoux also issued an apology, telling Global News the gaffe was the result of a poor translation.