Sweet! Pepsi Throwback launches in Canada

PepsiCo is brining its sugar-soaked retro version of Pepsi to Canada.

“Pepsi Throwback” contains real sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup found in today’s pops and is hitting stores this week.

Pepsi initially launched the product for a limited time in the U.S. about a year ago along with another retro soda: Mountain Dew Throwback. That product won’t be available in Canada.

According to research firm Mintel, the American launch was a success, with sales of US$41 million of Pepsi Throwback in just over a year.

PepsiCo says Throwback will also be sold only the next eight weeks on Canadian store shelves. As in the U.S., the packaging is a replica of the Pepsi can from 1971. In French, the product is named Pepsi Retro.

In addition to real sugar, Pepsi Throwback contains extra vanilla and caramel. It’s being sold in 355 mL cans, 12-pack cases and 591 mL bottles.

Pepsi’s is supporting the launch with a 1970s themed marketing campaign, including radio and print ads, online and in-store point-of-sale.


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