What’s behind a culture of learning?

Organizations that will come out on top are the ones that have embraced a culture of learning

Big data brings big insights along with it.

However, having access to so much data, and so many sources of data brings a new set of challenges we haven’t had to face before. It is not simply a case of “the organization with the most data wins”.

The organizations that will come out on top are the ones that have embraced a culture of learning.

A culture of learning is one that promotes continuous improvement and learning throughout the organization.

It is filled by employees who are not satisfied with the status quo and are constantly looking for ways to improve their current method of getting things done.

To realise the benefits of a culture of learning, every level of the organization must exude these values, starting from the top.

The most successful companies incorporate learning in their annual objectives.

To determine whether your organization has a culture of learning consider the following:

Information sharing – Are employees across the organization encouraged to ask questions and share experiences to promote learning from others’ successes and mistakes? Or, is information given on a need to know basis, and mistakes hidden for fear of appearing weak?

Reflection – Is time devoted to reflect on projects to determine what worked well and what could have gone better? Are lessons learned in the name of increasing efficiency for next time, or do we move to the next project destined for the same successes and failures?

Customer feedback – Is customer feedback actively solicited and integrated into future business plans when it makes sense?

New Ideas – Are new ideas, thoughts and processes encouraged along with taking calculated risks, or are employees directed to follow existing paths that lead to acceptable and predictable outcomes?

To put your organization in the best position possible to come out on top, you need to partner with organizations who do the same.

Choose a solution provider that challenges the status quo; one that is continuously improving its products based on your input.

You can bet they have invested in a culture of learning and they are in the best position to set you up for success.