Topline: Canadians want to spend less time grocery shopping

shopping cart in lot

Canadians are looking to simplify their lives, according to a recent poll from CIBC-owned Simplii Financial, and that means spending less time on chores such as grocery shopping.

Conducted by: Maru Voice Canada on behalf of Simplii Financial.

Methodology:  An online survey of 3,025 randomly selected Canadian adults, who are members of Maru/Blue’s online panel Maru Voice Canada.

Key findings: 

  • The majority (87%) of those surveyed wanted life to be more simple
  • Nearly half (40%) of the 87% who wanted to simplify their lives said grocery shopping drained time, money and energy
  • 51% of those surveyed said they spend 20 minutes just trying to decide what to have for dinner
  • 70% of younger Canadians (18-34) said they still carried cash for emergencies and preferred to pay digitally “wherever and whenever possible”

“One thing we never seem to have enough of is time, and we’re seeing more and more Canadians embrace digital ways to get things done, from ordering groceries to paying the babysitter or opening up a savings account and applying for a loan or credit card,” said Corby Fine, vice-president at Simplii Financial. “These small changes can add up to significant time, energy and cost savings as well.”