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PepsiCo Foods takes home three awards in consumer-voted competition

Olympic Dairy-chia yogurt

Chips that come with a hot dare and foods with chia seeds were among the big winners at the Product of the Year 2015 awards ceremony held Tuesday night in Toronto.

The awards, now in their sixth year in Canada, recognize innovation across consumer goods and services.

Winners were chosen through an online survey of 10,000 consumers. The winning products can use Product of the Year’s red seal in marketing.

Product of the Year awards were handed out in 33 categories. The night’s biggest winner were PepsiCo Foods and The Body Shop, which each took home three awards.

Pepsi’s Doritos Roulette Tortilla Chips won in the Chips category. The chips come with a dare for those who dip their hand in the bag. One in every seven to eight chips is extra hot and spicy.

Pepsi also won in the Dips category for its Tostitos Roasted Red Pepper Salsa and in Savoury Snacks for Stacy’s Pretzel Thins.

Two chia infused products picked up awards. Olympic Dairy’s Chia Yogurt took home the Dairy Products prize while Promise Gluten Free’s Chia Seed Loaf won the Gluten-Free category.

Both large and small grocery manufacturers won. High Liner Foods won for its Simply Atlantic Cod. The Canadian Birch Company won the Innovative Packaging Award for its Amber Canadian Birch Syrup, which comes in a stylish and sleek bottle.

One grocery chain also picked up a Product of the Year. Metro won the Sweet Snacks Category for its Irresistibles La Collezionne mango sorbet.

Product of the Year is billed as the world’s largest consumer voted awards program for product innovation. Founded 28 years ago in the U.K., it now operates in 40 countries.

In Canada, Product of the Year’s media partner is Rogers Media, which owns Canadian Grocer.

A two-step process is used to select winners from among products that are submitted by their companies. First, a jury of industry experts selects finalists. From those, consumers vote online to choose winners.

Sixty per cent of Canadians say they would try a new product if they saw the Product of the Year seal on its packaging, according to research conducted by Rogers Insights Custom Research.

The research also found that 73 per cent of shoppers would pay more for products that they consider innovative.

Here are some of the grocery Product of the Year winners from Tuesday night:

Alpen Dark Chocolate Muesli [Weetabix]: This blend of whole grain rolled oats, wheat flakes, toasted hazelnuts, sliced almonds, raisins and 70% cocoa dark chocolate curls can be eaten as a cereal or used as a topping on yogurt. Retail price: $5.49. [Winner in Breakfast Foods category]

Reusable BBQ Grilling Sheet [Unstick]: Cooking sheets to seal in juices and make food tender are guaranteed to last five years. They can be used on gas, charcoal and electric grills Retail price: $12.99. [Winner in BBQ Care category]

Doritos Roulette Tortilla Chips [PepsiCo Foods Canada]. These are chips with a “gamification” twist. Most of the chips in each bag are regular Doritos Nacho Cheese flavour. But one in seven to eight is extra hot and spicy. Retail price: $3.69. [Winner in Chips category]

Chia Yogurt [Olympic Dairy]: Billed as Canada’s first Chia yogurt, it has chia seeds mixed right in. The yogurt is also non-GMO and gluten free. Retail price: $4.49. [Winner Dairy Products category]

Kurtzie’s Artisanal Salami [The Great Canadian Meat Company]: Hand-made in Canada in small batches with gift-style packaging, the salami has no added preservatives, no MSG, no added soy, and is gluten free. Retail Price: $8.99. [Winner Cured Meats category]

Tostitos Roasted Red Pepper Salsa [PepsiCo Foods Canada]: Classic Tostitos salsa with the addition of grilled red peppers for a spicy-sweet taste combo. Retail price: $3.89. [Winner: Dips category]

Nivea Sensitive 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water [Beiersdorf]: Cleanses, removes makeup from the face and eyes and moisturizes in one simple step using micelle technology to enclose oil and makeup when applied with a cotton pad. Retail price: $8.99 [Winner: Facial Skin Care category]

High Liner Simply Fish Atlantic Cod [High Liner Foods]: Sustainably sourced fish comes in a two-pack tray designed to keep fish fresh until the customer is ready to add seasoning or marinade. Retail price: $6.99. [Winner: Seafood category]

Chia Seed Loaf [Promise Gluten Free]: Soft bread with chia seeds has a low fat content (2 per cent) and is high in fibre (16 per cent). Retail Price: $6.49. [Winner: Gluten-free Foods category]

Nonna Pia’s Cabernet Merlot Balsamic Reduction [Nonna Pia’s Gourmet]: Made from aged balsamic vinegar from Italy that is slow cooked for 12 hours and infused with Cabernet Merlot from the Okanagan Valley. Retail price: $9.99 [Winner: Gourmet Condiments and Sauces]

Total One Women’s Multi Vitamin & Mineral [Swiss Natural]: Total One is formulated with calcium, cranberries, vitamin C, D and B. The pills are smaller so they’re easier to swallow. Retail Price: $9.97 [Winner Health Supplements category]

AspenClean All Purpose Set [AspenClean]: These all-purpose cleaners are Vegan Ecocert certified and made with organic ingredients. Retail price: $24.99 for a set; or $8.99 each. [Winner: Natural Cleaning Products category]

Here is a complete list of the rest of the Product of the Year 2015 winners:

Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil [The Body Shop]: Winner in two categories: Eco Cosmetics and Night Care Creams.

Skin Care–Collagen [New Nordic]: Winner in Anti-Aging Skin Care category.

InstaBlur [The Body Shop]: Winner in Face Makeup category.

Rimmel London Wonder’ Lash Mascara [Rimmel]: Winner in Eye Cosmetics category.

Transitions Signature Graphite Green lenses [Transitions]: Winner in Eye Care category.

SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers [SureThik]: Winner in Hair Loss Treatment category.

Tim Horton’s Dark Roast Coffee [Tim Horton’s]: Winner in Caffeinated Beverages category.

Torrent Blender [KitchenAid]: Winner in Kitchenware category.

Piston Power Slim 360 portable battery [Logiix]: Winner in Mobile Accessories category.

Tangerine Mobile Banking App [Tangerine]: Winner in Mobile Banking category.

Nivea Nourishing In-Shower Body Milk [Beiersdorf]: Winner in Moisturizers category.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel [Coty Canada]: Winner in Nail Polish category.

Ear Tone [New Nordic]: Winner in Natural OTC Products category.

Amber Canadian Birch Syrup [The Canadian Birch Company]: Winner in Innovative Packaging category.

Wild Argan Radiant Oil [The Body Shop]: Winner in Skin Care category.

Reusable Cake & Loaf Liners [Unstick]: Winner in Reusable Products category.

Stacy’s Pretzel Thins [PepsiCo Foods Canada]: Winner in Savoury Snacks category.

Irresistibles La Collezione, Mango Sorbet [Metro Brands]: Winner in Sweet Snacks category.

ZeroWater Stainless Steel Jug [ZeroWater]: Winner in Water Filtration category

Nanopür Kitchen Non-Stick Coating [BTI Nano Products]: Winner in Kitchen Cleaning category.


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