Kettle chips feature global flavours

Srirachup and Delhi-licious are the latest chip flavours for Neal Brothers Foods' chips


Montreal chef, Chuck Hughes and Vancouver chef (and the newest dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den) Vikram Vij have launched two unique flavours inspired by their renowned cuisine and favourite spices and sauces.

The chefs with Neal Brothers Foods roll out chef-inspired Kettle-style Chip flavours, Srirachup and Delhi-licious.

The chips are hand-cut, and are free of preservatives and artificial flavours.

“Both of these chefs are innovators; passionate about food, experiences, flavors, and best of all they’re our friends,” said Peter Neal, co-founder, Neal Brothers Foods Inc. “Using quality ingredients is extremely important to us and both chefs have helped us add unique twists to our line of Kettle-style chips by developing unique flavours and best yet, without the use of artificial or GMO ingredients, MSG or gluten.”

Chef Vij’s vast knowledge of Indian cuisine and spice blends helped create the distinct taste for Delhi-licious, which captures the aromas of Indian cuisine and a proprietary blend of one of chef Vij’s favorites – Garam Masala. It is hand-blended to produce the specific taste profile.

Meanwhile chef Hughes chose to add the all-time kitchen staple, ketchup to his favourite hot sauce, to sweeten and soften the flavour profile and create a Canadian favourite with a kick, with garlic and chili pepper heat.

For the brand’s 25th anniversary, the two new chef flavours join Himalayan Pink Salt, Sweet & Smoky BBQ, Pink Salt and Vinegar and Maple Bacon.

The chips retail for $2.89 for a 142 gram bag.