Loblaw products stocked on Shoppers’ shelves

President's Choice cookies and baby food first to appear in Shoppers Drug Mart


Consumers will soon find more Loblaw private-label products on the shelves of Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

Loblaw completed its acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart late last month. Within days of the deal’s closing, the iconic President’s Choice “Decadent” chocolate chip cookie and PC Organics baby food pouches began appearing in Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

At the same time, Shoppers’ Life Brand Spectrum Multivitamins appeared in Loblaw stores.

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“These items were selected as iconic representations of the respective brands, as a hint of things to come, and, most importantly, because customers love them,” Kevin Groh, vice-president of corporate affairs at Loblaw, told Canadian Grocer.

The President’s Choice range is already used effectively to unify Loblaw’s banners, so it should come as no surprise that the brand is being put into Shoppers stores so quickly, a recent report by IGD noted. Stewart Samuel, senior business analyst with IGD, added President’s Choice is the most consistent element running through the range of formats Loblaw operates.

“I expect to see further products from the President’s Choice range introduced, focusing initially on popular items,” said Samuel.

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The ability to offer leading brands like President’s Choice and Life—both number one in their categories—is an illustration of the strength the grocery and pharmacy retailer will have, said Groh,

In the coming weeks, IGD speculates Loblaw will take advantage of high traffic Shoppers locations to develop mission-focused offers.

“Loblaw is likely to focus on capturing consumer spend throughout the day by providing a broader range of breakfast and lunchtime options, along with meal solutions for dinner,” the article said.


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